Memorial update

Progress is being made towards the creation of a memorial, or memorials, marking the 22 May 2017 Manchester Arena terror attack.

Although many of the families who lost loved ones were from outside the city and may also want local memorials, Manchester City Council has given an undertaking that a permanent memorial will be provided in the city.

The Council is being advised on this by the Manchester Memorials Advisory Group, an independent group of civic and business leaders which is leading on communication and consultation with those most directly affected by the attack.

Families of the 22 people killed, and hundreds of others who were directly affected, have been consulted on the principles underpinning the memorial, or memorials. This includes what the purpose of any memorial should be, what it should mean and what feelings it should evoke.

Feedback so far suggests that the memorial should be a tranquil and contemplative space honouring the victims of the attack in a garden-style setting or other public area.

Now the advisory group wants to give members of the public the opportunity to share their views on the purpose and meaning of the memorial.

No plans on memorial location, form or specific design will be brought forward until the group has finished gathering views on the principles underpinning them, so members of the public are being asked to restrict any comments to these general principles at this point.

If you would like to register your interest in being updated about this consultation process, please complete this form.

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